Texas Senate Bill 820

Effective September 1st, 2019, Texas Senate Bill 820 requires that

Each school district shall adopt a cybersecurity policy to:
  1. secure district cyberinfrastructure against cyber-attacks and other cybersecurity incidents; and
  2. determine cybersecurity risk and implement mitigation planning.

ByStorm offers a free
Cybersecurity Risk Analysis and mitigation plan
that applies to most organizations

Executive Summary:

1What is the risk of a cyber-attack?
in short, cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and destruction. Every person and organization connected to the internet is a potential target. No single cybersecurity defense option can stop all types of cyber attacks. The best defense is to deploy an array of defensive tools like VPNs, firewalls and virus scanners. But even these likely won't stop what's known as a Zero-day attack; a malware or ransomware program that is so new that is is not recognized by these defenses. For example, if an infected email attachment contains a malware programs that your AntiVirus software doesn't know about, it will not stop that program from running and causing whatever damage it was designed to cause.
2How does filesure.cloud work?
Any program file, good or bad, that runs on your computer must first be downloaded to your computer. In other words, it must be written to the file storage system, i.e. the hard drive. Filesure.cloud prevents any and all program files (including malware, ransomware, and most viruses) from being written to the hard drive. Unlike AntiVirus software, FileSure.cloud does not need to recognize that a program file is hostile because it stops all program files.
3How much does FileSure.cloud cost?
The more important question is how much would it cost your organization in money, down time, lost business, and reputation if it were the victim of a ransomware attack? That could easily be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. At just $5 per user/$10 per server per month, FileSure.cloud is a bargain by comparison.
4Is FileSure.cloud hard to implement?
Nope. It's a piece of cake. You can install FileSure.cloud manually or your IT staff can set up automated installation using the command line.
5How do I know if it will work for me?
We think you should test it (there is a free trial) in your environment. Here's a test plan
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