Texas SB 820 – TEST PLAN

Testing FileSure.Cloud for malware protection is straight forward and leverages it’s free one-month trial.
  1. Download our pseudo-ransomware program.
    • Notice that the download worked. There is no need to run the program
  2. Delete the program file that you just downloaded (It was only a test download)
  3. Setup an account at https://filesure.cloud
    • This will require an email address and making up a password
    • Email alerts and reports will be sent to this email address
    • After logging in: select ‘Configuration’ at the top
      • Enter an Organization Name (it’s required)
      • Turn off the Audit rules
      • Turn on all the malware rules
      • Turn off all the Daily reports and Email Alert
      • Click ‘Save configuration’
  4. Pick a typical user’s computer and install the FileSure.cloud agent
  5. Repeat step 1 and download and run our pseudo-ransomware program
    • Notice that this time the download failed

The only thing that changed was the installation of FileSure.cloud and its configuration to block writing of program files.

Try it out with your normal business processes and verify that everything works correctly.

Since FileSure.cloud will be preventing program files from being written to the hard drive, it’s possible that it will interfere with how some program typically operate. Notably programs written in Java

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